National Veteran Small Business Coalition (NVSBC)
National Board of Directors Description

Board members must be qualified members of the NVSBC and active participants in the planning, setting of policies and attending board meetings.  Members shall maintain knowledge of the organization and make a personal commitment to its goals and objectives.  Members take part in the hiring, evaluation, support, and termination of the executive director. All members are to actively recruit new members.  Members of the board accept fiduciary responsibility for the organization and assure the integrity of its financial records and reports.  Individual board members may be held fiscally liable for the debts incurred by a nonprofit organization or as the parties named in a lawsuit against the organization.

Members are expected to help develop strategic plans for the organization and monitor compliance with the goals and objectives of the strategic plan. Members of the board shall raise funds for the organization. This expectation can be met by volunteering at fundraising events or by getting organizations to donate to the NVSBC.  Individual board members should make the NVSBC a philanthropic priority and make personal donations at the level they are able to the organization.

Board members are also expected to give time and/or expertise to the organization. A Board Member must regularly attend board meetings and important associated meetings. Board members are to show some level of commitment to the work of the organization by participating in committee work. They also keep abreast of committee issues, prepare for meetings and evaluate and give constructive comments on the committee reports.  Board members are to show their support at special events and participate in fundraising events. Board members shall volunteer for and willingly accept assignments and complete them thoroughly and on time.

Additional Information

The National Veteran Small Business Coalition (NVSBC) National Board of Directors jointly oversees the activities on the NVSBC and is accountable to the members.  The Board of Directors appoints the Executive Director and sets out the overall strategic direction.  Although the Board of Directors is not generally involved in the day-to-day affairs of the NVSBC, it is critical that all Board members understand that they will be asked to actively participate in many functions usually reserved for employees of an organization.

Since its founding in 2010, the NVSBC has primarily relied on membership dues to offset expenses and the good will of many of its current and previous Board members to either volunteer their time and resources or fund activities.  Likewise, our Executive Director has worked at significantly below industry wage for this type of position.  Until the NVSBC can identify a steady stream of income to support operations, the Board will be asked to serve in various capacities, many of which involve active involvement in ongoing activities.

Additional responsibilities and expectations which are needed until we identify long term funding are provided below:

  1. Regularly attend board meetings in Washington DC area and other NVSBC functions at your own expense;
  2. Participate, as time and money allow, in other NVSBC Chapter meetings throughout the U.S.;
  3. Volunteer to roll their sleeves up and tackle difficult tasks;
  4. Provide corporate resources from your company to perform various duties (e.g., working conferences, sending emails, delivering web hosting services, developing and implementing survey’s, performing financial transactions, etc.);
  5. Offer financial support when called upon;
  6. Raise money to support ongoing operations within the NVSBC;
  7. Lead or actively participate in committees established to promote the veteran owned community serving the federal government;
  8. Actively participate in the Strategic Planning Process and/or execute the actions required to complete identified actions within specified timelines.

NVSBC Board of Director Nomination Instructions

Every candidate wishing to be considered for any position on the NVSBC National Board of Directors will be required to provide four important documents to support their candidacy plus a high resolution photo. They are:

  1. A one-page biographical profile
  2. A position statement of not more than 500 words. In this position statement, candidates will be asked to address two questions:
    • What is your vision of the position?
    • What is the critical issue that NVSBC members are facing that you think needs to be addressed under your participation on the Board?
  3. A letter, with attachment, attesting to the fact that the candidate:
    • Is an NVSBC member (paid dues and will continue to be a member during their term),
    • Is a Veteran,
    • Agrees to support and further the NVSBC mission, and
    • Has the support of his/her company to participate fully in the NVSBC as required by the duties of the office sought.
  4. Acknowledgement of National Board of Director Responsibilities and Expectations Form

Please send applications and supporting documents to no later than April 1, 2020