Our Slogan: “One Cause, One Voice”

Our Motto: “Vets Helping Vets”

It is common knowledge that Veteran entrepreneurs, in order to be successful in the Federal marketplace, from time to time need an honest forum to air their grievances, complaints, gripes, injustices unfair treatment and any and all issues that create an uneven playing field or which require the Government to improve its business and procurement practices.


The NVSBC is an advocate for its members whether it simply contacts a Contracting Officer on an issue for a single member or the head of Acquisition for a given agency for a flawed procurement affecting several members. The NVSBC has even filed an amicus curiae, literally, friend of the court (commonly referred to as an amicus brief) with the U.S. Supreme Court.


Transitioning Veterans into Business Owners to ensure the Federal acquisition playing field is firm, level and fair for all Veteran Owned Small Businesses (VOSB)s and Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Businesses (SDVOSBs).


  1. Engage Federal departments and agencies to promote policies and acquisition strategies that further participation of VOSBs & SDVOSBs in contracting opportunities.
  2. Engage large business prime contractors to promote policies and acquisition strategies that further the participation of VOSBs & SDVOSBs in subcontracting opportunities.
  3. Provide an ethical forum for discussions between VOSBs & SDVOSBs and Government and industry decision makers and leaders to further participation VOSBs & SDVOSBs in prime and subcontract opportunities.
  4. Support the efforts of Veteran small business advocacy organizations in furthering the Veteran small business movement in Federal contracting to exceed mandated goals.
  5. Engage other small business trade associations to further small business opportunities in Federal prime and subcontracting opportunities.
  6. Engage other industry associations and organizations to promote an effective and efficient Federal acquisition process.
  7. Engage Congress, Veterans Affairs and Small Business Committees to ensure Fair and Equitable Workshare to Veteran-owned Firms