Each year, members and Board of Directors of the National Veteran Small Business Coalition recognize those major organizations, both federal agencies and large business prime contractors who have shown exceptional support for service-disabled veteran small businesses by exceeding the 3% goal and by exceeding 8% in awards to veteran small businesses. It is important they be recognized so that their example will be seen and emulated by others! Awards are given during the Annual Veteran Entrepreneur Training Symposium at Champion of Veteran Enterprise Awards Luncheon. On behalf of the entire veteran small business community THANK YOU! We salute you!

Cancellation of the 10th Annual Veteran Entrepreneur Training Symposium (VETS’20)/Champion of Veteran Enterprise Award Requirements


FY19 Champion Award Winners – Due to the cancellation of VETS’20, the awards luncheon will held in the Washington DC metro area at a later date.

FY18  Champion Award Winners (San Antonio, TX)

FY17 Champion Award Winners (Williamsburg, VA)

FY16 Champion Award Winners (Norfolk, VA)

FY15 Champion Award Winners (Norfolk, VA)

FY14 Champion Award Winners (Reno, NV)

FY13 Champion Award Winners (Reno, NV)

FY12 Champion Award Winners (Reno, NV)

FY11 Champion Award Winners (Reno, NV)

FY10 Champion Award Winners (Reno, NV)