Patrick Alcorn
Executive Leadership Coach
The John Maxwell Team

There may be others who can light the fires of enthusiasm and kindle the flames of imagination that inspire greatness. However, as an Executive Leadership Coach who recognizes the power of influence, I utilize my combination of the West Point experience, a Master’s in Business Administrations, and relevant real-world knowledge of leadership principles and practices enabling you to discover your inherent talents, skills and abilities, so that a picture of the limitless possibilities become crystal clear. 

Having served as an NCAA athlete, a US Army engineer, a deputy city councilman, and an award-winning sales professional for Fortune 100 companies, I know how to empower you to get up, get out and keep moving– even under the most difficult circumstances. As a co-author, an executive leadership coach, and a keynote speaker, I deliver power, passion and a dynamic experience to diverse audiences. 

My value-adding processes position you to better understand your purpose, recognize your opportunities, commit to your work, engage your enthusiasm and accept personal responsibility for living the life you deserve. So, wherever you are in life, you can go to the next level. Whether it is succeeding in a career, making more money or accomplishing personal goals, there is another level and you can get there. Together we will tap into your potential to be more, do more, and have more, so that you can give more of your unique genius to the world. Together, we’ll FLIP the Switch™ and…Unleash the Winner within You™! 

Judy Bradt
Chief Executive Officer
Summit Insight

Judy Bradt, CEO of Summit Insight, brings over thirty years of expertise in Federal business development and strategy to people who want to grow their federal business. She’s an award-winning author, speaker and consultant.

Judy and her team are the right choice for a company that already knows how important relationships are to Federal contracting…and is ready do what it takes to get in front of buyers and opportunities before their competition does.

Summit Insight is the only company that offers Certified Experience Products for Federal contractors. This “Earn-while-you-learn” approach to Federal business development training delivers proven, results-driven programs for people who want to grow their Federal business, and win millions of dollars in sales in a matter of months.

Joshua Frank
Managing Partner
RMS Federal

Business coach, professional speaker, and bestselling author, Mr. Frank is an award-winning and nationally recognized authority on government sales and business acceleration. With more than 30 years in the government space, he specializes in bridging government sales strategy with general business strategy. He is a recognized expert in the development and implementation of tactics and strategies required to differentiate, position for, and win government contracts. His training seminars are consistently rated as one of the strongest sessions at national conferences and events. Mr. Frank’s coaching has helped companies win more than $2.8 billion in definitive contracts and $30 billion in indefinite delivery contracts.

Managing Partner at RSM Federal, Mr. Frank is author of The Government Sales Manual; Amazon’s #1 all-time GovCon bestseller An Insider’s Guide To Winning Government Contracts – Real World Strategies, Lessons, and Recommendations; and Amazon’s #1 bestseller Game Changers for Government Contractors. Mr. Frank received SBA’s award for Veteran Business of the Year in addition to the National Award for Industry Small Business Advocate of the Year by the Society of American Military Engineers (SAME).

Mr. Frank serves as Chairman of the Board for the Midwest Veterans Advocacy Foundation (VAF) / Veterans Business Resource Center (VBRC). Mr. Frank also supports the SBA’s Emerging Leaders Program and judges applications for Arch Grants providing startup funding for entrepreneurs.

An avid outdoor enthusiast, Girl Scout and Boy Scout leader, Mr. Frank lives in St. Louis, Missouri with his wife, daughter, and son. He is a former military intelligence officer with an undergraduate degree in English, a Masters in Management Information Systems (MIS), and a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA). Feel free to contact Mr. Frank via LinkedIn.

Sharon B. Heaton
Chief Executive Officer and Founder

Sharon Heaton has advised on transactions totaling more than $12 billion in deal value. sbLiftOff serves the lower mid-market with the highest level of professionalism, with a focus on GovCon businesses. Prior to founding sbLiftOff, Ms. Heaton served as General Counsel of the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works and Senior Counsel on the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs. She was a co-founder of Welford Energy, an investment bank providing services to clean energy and low carbon companies. Previously, Heaton served as Deputy General Counsel of Columbia Energy Group, a Fortune 500 company. She holds a Juris Doctorate from the University of Chicago Law School and B.A., magna cum laude in Political Science from Barnard College at Columbia University.

Gloria Larkin
President and Chief Executive Officer

Gloria Larkin is the President and CEO of TargetGov. TargetGov celebrates its 22nd anniversary in 2019 and focuses on government contracting, business development, recruiting, RFP/GSA support and marketing services including the exclusive Federal Acceleration Strategies and Tactics FAST™ Process, the KickStart Program™, Capability Statements, certification services, business development, and expert federal contracting services, marketing communications and calendar development and execution.

TargetGov clients have won over $6 billion in federal contracts. Gloria has been quoted in the Washington Post, INC Magazine, Wall Street Journal, Government Executive Magazine, the Daily Record, American Express Trends and Insights and Bloomberg. She is the author of The Basic Guide to Government Contracting, co-author of The Veterans Business Guide: How to Build a Successful Government Contracting Business, and of hundreds of federal contracting articles in print and online. Gloria is also the Educational Foundation Board Chair Emeritus for and the American Express National Procurement Adviser.

 She has been recognized by: Enterprising Women Magazine’s 2010 Enterprising Women of the Year honoree, Women Impacting Public Policy (WIPP) National Educational Foundation Past Chair, and SBA’s 2010 Women in Business Champion, Maryland. She has spoken at: hundreds of national federal agency and business conferences including the Department of Energy, Department of Veterans Affairs, the Social Security Administration, National Veterans Small Business Conference, National Women Business Owners Corporation National Conference, and Johns Hopkins University Carey Business School “Art of Entrepreneurship” Annual Conference.

Kirk W. McLaren
Chief Executive Officer
Foresight CFO

A true thought leader & innovator in driving top percentile financial performance as a career Growth CFO. One meeting is all it takes to feel his passion & brainpower. Also, he is a secretly funny, 6 foot 4-inch professor at Georgetown University, one of the leading financial education institutions in the nation. Having built and sold his first company before graduating from high school, Kirk is a natural at building growth companies with talented CEOs & their leadership team. Using the numbers, coaching, & disciplined execution are hallmarks of his approach, with a side of passion.


These core traits were developed from decades of accelerating private companies, his service in the US Army, & the drive as a husband & a father of two. Incidentally, both of his sons are starting their careers out in service at West Point.

Harry M. Siegel
Former Owner

Harry Siegel is a Navy Vietnam veteran who founded and grew HMS TECHNOLOGIES, based in West Virginia. He recently sold his business. Mr. Siegel, a graduate of the US Naval Academy, holds a Masters Degree in Computer Systems from the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey California, and served as HMS Chairman and President. When he was in the Navy on active duty, Siegel served with a team whose primary mission was POW retrieval from unfriendly forces.

Guy Timberlake
Co-Founder and Chief Visionary Officer
GovCon Club™

For over thirty years, Go-To-Guy Timberlake™ has been a student and teacher of Government Contracting. His roots stem from his formative years supporting defense intelligence programs as far back as the first Gulf War. He is recognized as a resource for federal sector business development and competitive intelligence disciplines and shares that knowledge under the umbrella of Ethical Stalking for Government Contractors™.

With his wife, Margaret, Guy leads GovCon Club™, a reimagining of their first successful member community for Government and Industry. Guy’s nickname was given to him by Navy and Air Force customers in the 90’s because they could and did rely on him to get the job done.