Antonio Moscatelli is a first-generation Italian-American whose parents met in high school in a small town in upstate New York. Antonio began his military career in 1996, while serving as a military police officer in the United States Marine Corps. During his four years of active duty, he worked during the day and obtained his Bachelor’s degree at night. Upon completion of his degree, Antonio applied and was accepted into the Navy’s Health Services Collegiate Program, where he attended Old Dominion University and earned his Master’s degree in Business Administration. Upon graduating, he was commissioned as a Lieutenant Junior Grade in the United States Navy and assigned to Portsmouth Naval Hospital. In 2005, he volunteered and deployed to Afghanistan, as part of a Presidential initiative to help augment the Army personnel, whom had been serving in harm’s way over 12 months at a time. While there, he earned both the Army Achievement Medal and the Navy Commendation Medal.

In 2008, Antonio deployed again aboard the USS Iwo Jima with the 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit and sailed into the Middle East and around the Horn of Africa. In 2011, Mr. Moscatelli was medically retired from the Navy and headed to Maui, Hawaii to start a new chapter of his life as a Program Manager for the Pacific Joint Information Technology Center. It was while serving as a Program Manager on an IT project for the Defense Health Agency that he got the idea to start his own IT company and formed Curis IT. After several years of attending countless conferences, business development meetings, and networking events, Mr. Moscatelli decided to acquire a larger, small company, to gain a strategic advantage in the Veterans Affairs market space.

Since his acquisition of Associated Veterans, LLC in January 2017, he has nearly doubled the size of his company with two major wins at the Department of Veteran Affairs, to include Supply Chain Transformation and as a Prime on Service Groups one and two on VECTOR, a 25 Billion- dollar IDIQ. Another exciting accomplishment this year was being one of 33 companies awarded a 250 Million-dollar IDIQ at the Department of Labor. This marked the first time in the history of Associated Veterans to win a Full and Open award. One of Antonio’s goals in the next two years is to double the size of the company again and be one of the company’s chosen to lead the next phase of T4NG and take Associated Veterans to over 50 million in the next 4 years.