I was born in San Antonio, TX and raised 35 miles south in a small South Texas town, Devine, TX. I grew up fishing, hunting, working cattle and breaking horses on local ranches. I graduated Devine High School in 1970.

I enlisted in the U.S. Air Force on October 7th, 1971. During Basic Training I applied for and was accepted to the U.S. Air Force Survival Instructor (SERE Specialist) Training program at Fairchild AFB, Spokane, WA. I entered training on January 2, 1972 in Class 72-02 and graduated in June, 1972. I qualified in Arctic, Jungle, Seashore, Desert, Ocean, Temperate and POW Resistance and Escape as a Survival Instructor. I served as a Field Flight Instructor and I received an Honorable Discharge on October 6th, 1975.

I moved to Houston, TX and worked in the Petrochemical industry until 1982. I received a call from Northrop Corporation which had an FMS contract for the Royal Saudi Arabian Air Force in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. Part of this contract was to teach Saudi Arabian pilots Desert, Ocean, Parachuting and non-classified POW survival skills. I was one of 7 Survival Instructors tasked with this responsibility. We also worked with the Huey Helicopter Squadron and established and trained the first Royal Saudi Arabian Rescue Squadron for Ocean, Desert and Hot Landing Zone regions. I worked as a military advisor to the Royal Saudi Arabian Air Force Survival School from April 1982 until March 1986.

I moved back to Houston, TX and opened an International Export/Import company and exported American made furniture to Saudi Arabia to a business man I knew there as their U.S. agent. The business grew and the last year in 1991 I shipped 425 each 40” containers to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia for their retail operations. It was no longer necessary for an agent in the U.S. with advances made in communications in 1991.

I went to work for U.S. Supply Corp. in 1991 as a VP of Operations. U.S. Supply was a medical/surgical distribution company. I opened and managed two warehouses in Atlanta, GA and then one in Ft. Myers, FL. The company grew 10 fold and the owner decided to sell it to one of our competitors in 2000. There was a non-compete clause in the purchase contract and so the new owners gave me an 18 month sabbatical with full salary.

I started Marathon Medical Corporation in February 2002 and we worked in the commercial sector selling and shipping products to 125 distribution centers across CONUS. We shifted focus in 2006-2007 to the VA Health System after the passage of the Veterans First legislation PL 109-461. We obtained our first FSS 65IIA contract in November 2007. We are a fully integrated distribution company with office/warehouses located in Aurora, CO and Tampa, FL. We distribute products for a number of major medical manufacturers. We sell and ship to all of the VA hospitals currently and we employ 20 people. Marathon Medical was profiled in the national monthly medical distribution publication Repertoire for its Veterans Hiring First program in July 2015, pg. 38.