NVSBC is pleased to offer our 2nd annual Scholarship Program made possible by a generous donation from OBXtek as well as support from many of our members and attendees to the VETS17 Annual Conference.   This program allows us to offer new veteran businesses a scholarship to attend the Veteran Entrepreneur Training Symposium (VETS) 18.  The scholarship covers the cost of registration fees, per diem, and travel expenses.  The scholarship will give the recipient(s) an opportunity to network with other veteran business owners, prime contractors and government agencies in order to gain the knowledge needed to do business with the federal government. VETS18 is scheduled for June 10th – 14th, 2018 in Williamsburg, VA (veterantrainingsymposium.com).

Deadline for applications will be Monday, April 16th, 2018. Applicants will be notified by Tuesday, May 1st, whether they have been approved to receive a VETS18 Scholarship.  Qualifications for applicants are:

  1. Applicant must be a veteran and the majority owner of the business.
  2. Applicant’s business must have been established within 2 1⁄2 years ( 30 months) of the date of application.
  3. Applicant’s firm’s primary focus should be federal contracting as a prime and/or subcontractor.
  4. Applicant will submit an essay, no more than 3 type-written pages in length, addressing the applicant’s goals for him/herself as a business owner as well as his/her business goals and how attending VETS-17 will contribute to reaching those goals.
  5. Applicant will include at least one referral letter from an NVSBC member.
  6. Applicant will include a description and estimate of expenses the scholarship will covered.

Recipients will also receive their first year membership to NVSBC as part of the scholarship! If you’ve already joined in 2018, we will cover your membership costs in 2019.

Thanks so much for granting me the opportunity to attend VETS 17 on a scholarship. I came to my first National Veteran Small Business Coalition meeting four months ago and have taken a positive nugget away from every meeting. The VETS 17 Conference was a great experience and extremely valuable to me as a new business owner.  I am very new to doing business in the federal marketplace.  VETS17 provided many opportunities to speak and network with professionals who have extensive experience working with the federal government.  I love the fact that every member in attendance is a veteran business owner.  The coolest aspect for me is that while many folks are competing for the same nickel, everyone was trying to help each other out and ensure we are all successful in our future endeavors.  It’s like the unwritten military rule that while we are all fighting for a certain objective, we are ultimately looking out for the soldiers on our left and right.  Since the conference I’ve submitted my CVE verification paperwork (thanks to classes on the subject), critiqued my capability statement after a class and then critiquing it again after getting it torn apart by a prime contractor in the speed networking session (who gave great feedback and is further assisting me) and heard countless mistakes, pitfalls, strategies etc. from many seasoned government contractors.

David Hahn, President
Results Sales & Service LLC

David Hahn, President of Results Sales & Service LLC receives an NVSBC scholarship during VETS2017

David is currently active member NVSBC Tampa FL chapter and recently received a subcontracting with the US Department of Veteran Affairs.  David credit his success to the education VETS2017 and connection he has made through the NVSBC.

Please fill out the application form below. Please pass along the application to anyone you think would benefit from this opportunity.

Spread the word! For questions on the program or assistance with your application/ member referral, please don’t hesitate to contact Lynette Planto or Eric Dailey.

2018 NVSBC Scholarship Application
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